Coming soon!

After much debate I have finally decided to start a food blog back up!

Ever since I took the first blog ( down a couple of years ago, I've had more than a few people in my life asking me where it went and if I would start it back up. That isn't to mention the fact that I think there are a few of my friends, on a certain social network, that are starting to become annoyed with my nearly daily status updates including photos of what I cooked and/or ate that day.

I'm really looking forward to this new and fresh beginning!

I'm excited to once again have delicious and nutritious recipes posted and live for those out there with the interest in trying them out.

Please keep in mind that I'm no professional chef. Nor am I a nutritionist. Just a little momma' that loves to cook and eat wonderful skinny things!

All the taste and none of the guilt.

As of right now, I'm hoping to have the blog up and fully launched by Valentine's Day.

Here's to hoping!