Hello, I'm Amanda Plott, graphic designer, author, photographer, self-proclaimed foodie, and creator of! I'm no professional chef and I haven't any formal training in the field of culinary arts. Except if you count those few elective classes in grade school such as 'Home Ec.', haha! I love to feature delicious 'skinny' or healthified versions of recipes here on All recipes will be cooked up by me, in my very own home kitchen, located in Austin, Texas. Keep Austin Weird, y'all!

I started in February of 2013 with a desire to serve up my love for healthy food with a side of pretty photos and just a sprinkling of that infamous Austin quirkiness! 

Here in my little section of the inter-web you will find an array of skinny, healthified, clean, gluten free and otherwise low-fat recipes that will make your mouth water without busting your gut! Recipes here must both be light and finger-licking-good. After all, what's the point in eating healthy if you don't enjoy it?

I love to take traditional recipes and shake them down into a skinny dish that I can proudly serve to friends, family, and love one's without feeling guilty about the contents of what I'm dishing out.

Let's face it, our world revolves around food! What's my take on it? I'm not a calorie counter and do not have a scale for myself (or my food) in the home. I don't want to become a slave to numbers. I feel that using lighter and more healthy ingredients in recipes, exercising regularly, sleeping well, and trying to lead a more stress free lifestyle are the best things we can do for our bodies!

I only recently started exercising for the first time... well, probably since before I had my daughter. I've fallen in love with it and have quickly became an addict. Right now I do and hour yoga about two times a week that's paired with a nice brisk walk on a treadmill or elliptical. I also take a fusion style full-body class once a week, and occasionally a roll-and-recover (SMR) class. Outside of that, I'm pretty busy running around chasing my rambunctious 5 year old!